Hanna H. Farha was born on March 29, 1938 in Marjeyoun, a town in Southern Lebanon. He grew up there alongside his seven brothers and sisters, and went on to graduate from Marjayoun National College in 1958.

Hanna would serve the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of the U.S. State Department between 1959 and 1976, and worked in Beirut, as well as in Washington D.C. and Tunisia.

During his time with the FSI, he taught Arabic to dozens of prominent ambassadors and Assistant Secretaries of State, such as Richard William Murphy, Morris Draper (Middle East Envoy tasked with leading the Lebanese-Israeli talks of 1983), Fred Galanto, David Newton, Dr. Nathaniel Howell, Kenton Keith, George Lane, Charles Widney, Robert Polletro, and the distinguished Edward Djerejian, who served in eight U.S. administrations (from Presidents John F. Kennedy to Bill Clinton).

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June: The Month of Warmth and Joy

March 15, 2009

June is the month of joy and pleasure—it begins in spring and ends in summer.

In Arabic, June is hazeeran, derived from the Syriac word hazeeroun. June has 30 days and the light increases until the 22nd- when the sun enters the sign of the zodiac Cancer, and welcomes the heat as its best friend. After the 22nd, the light begins to decrease gradually.

Most welcome the heat, which reinvigorates and signals the coming harvest. But it surprises others, who say June’s heat changes milk to curdled yogurt.

Jdeideh… My Home

January 25, 2009

Wherever I go
East or west
Jdeideh remains
Always the best
Jdeideh to me
Is my only home
There I grew up
There I was born…

In the East
Lies mount Haramoun
In the West
Falls pretty Beaufort
In the North
Green meadows shine
In the South
Dear Palestine

What a Wild World

January 1, 2009

It's a wild world
we all live in…
A world that's deaf
A world that's dumb
No joy,no peace,
No fun
Ethics, morals, love
All gone
Under the ever shining sun
And the world's slogan
Has become,
Nothing… nothing
But a deadly gun.

الله يرحم العرب

January 1, 2008
عين عار-لبنان

يا سادتي
أنعى إليكمْ وطناً
يمتدُّ من ذاك المحيطِ
الى الخليجْ
أزهارُهُ ذَبُلَتْ
أوراقهُ سقطتْ
من غيرِ دمعة
أو ضجيجٍ
أو نواحْ

لبنان يا لبنان

January 1, 2008
عين عار-لبنان

حلمك يا لبنان بالجيش اكتمل
إنت والجيش حُبنا وكل الأمل
ولادك لتاهو بهالدني كلن إجو
تَ يرفعوا البنيان مع جيشو البطل.